Italian Postage Stamps

Stamp translations
First row, left to right:
"Your [peace], Caesar [Augustus], has restored to the farms [of Italy] their abundant crops" Horace, Odes IV, n.15)
"To the race of Romulus [the Romans] may there be wealth, offspring, and every glory" Horace, Secular Song)
"O quickening sun, never will you view anything greater than the city of Rome" Horace, Secular Song)

Second row, left to right:
"[Italians] hold the sea and all the lands under their sway" (Vergil, Aenid, I/236)
"[Augustus], mighty guardian of Italy and Imperial Rome" (Horace, Odes, IV n.14)
"The whole of Italy took an oath of allegiance and demanded I lead it" (Deeds of Caesar Augustus)


Stamp translations
First column, top to bottom:
"My fleet traversed the [North] Sea" (Deeds of Caesar Augustus)
"The Senate voted in honor of my return the consecration of an Altar to Augustan Peace" (Deeds of Caesar Augustus)
"I deposited upon the capitol the laurels that adorned my fasces" [in the tradition of a victorious general]
(Deeds of Caesar Augustus)

Second column, top to bottom:
"I made a census of the people" [as mentioned in the Bible] (Deeds of Caesar Augustus)
"I undertook wars, both civil and foreign, throughout the world on land and sea" (Deeds of Caesar Augustus)
"by my orders and under my banner an army was led into Ethiopia" (Deeds of Caesar Augustus)

Stamp translations
Top to bottom:
"I completed works begun and far advanced by my father" [Julius Ceasar] (Deeds of Caesar Augustus)
"I rebuilt [82] temples of the gods in the city" [Rome] (Deeds of Caesar Augustus)
"I cleared the sea" [of pirates] (Deeds of Caesar Augustus)


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