An Italian-American Agenda

I. To actively monitor and vigorously respond to all untrue, distorted, or blatantly anti-Italic articles, news stories, or programming in the various media.

II. To use the bully pulpit to speak out against Hollywood and other media depictions of Italian stereotypes, be they mafia images, buffoon images, et al.

III. To demand the end of the use of the phrase "crime family" when used by law enforcement agencies and the media in describing Italian-American criminal gangs and syndicates. To replace the term RICO with something more politically correct.

IV. To propose and support U.S. Government funding of positive educational activities on behalf of Italy and Italian-Americans. (e.g.; cultural centers, institutes within universities, library programs, Public Television productions such as the story of the 1942 persecution of Italian-Americans.)

V. To secure funding to conduct government studies of media stereotyping and its effect on the Italian-American educational performance and drop-out rates.

VI. To actively pursue government funding, on all levels, to establish chairs in Italic Studies and Roman Studies at public universities.

VII. To actively pursue funding, at all levels, for the promotion of the Italian language in public-supported elementary, middle, and high schools.

VIII. To actively promote October as Italic Heritage Month. To restore Columbus Day as an observed holiday by government and corporate America.

IX. To actively pursue the naming of selected public facilities and infrastructures, and the design of commemorative postage stamps, after Italian-Americans whose lives have shaped America in a positive and significant way.

X. To work on behalf of a career Italian-American diplomat, or similarly qualified background, for his(her) appointment to the Ambassadorship of Italy.

XI. To actively pursue the appointments of qualified Italian-Americans to high government positions in the federal, state, and city governments.

XII. To encourage and support strong and vibrant relations between Italy and the United States.

XIII. To encourage the media to spotlight state visits by high ranking Italian Government officials.

XIV. To promote bi-lateral exchanges of Italian professionals, academics, and cultural experts to enrich American life.

Endorsed by the National Italian American Coordinating Association (NIACA)
on 25 October 1997

Drafted by the Advisory Council of the Italic Studies Institute, 8 March 1997.
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