Since September, 2003 the Institute has focused all its media attention on the upcoming animated film "Shark Tale" (DreamWorks).

"Shark Tale - The Complete Story"

Cartoon Satires

Consensus across Organizations

"I don't stereotype Italian-Americans," says De Niro, VENICE, Italy (AFP), September 10, 2004

"'Shark Tale' markets bigotry to kids," DAILY NEWS, September 7, 2004

Letter to the Editor, Chicago Reader, July 2, 2004

Press Release: Italic Institute Protests At Tribeca Film Festival

"Mobster fish tale irks advocacy group," USA Today, April 1, 2004

"Mob Deep," Time Out New York, March 25 - April 1, 2004

Op-Ed Article, "'Shark Tale' bites - with stereotypes," Newsday, March 11, 2004

Why Doesn't Steven Spielberg Respect Our Children?
Dreamworks Project Is An Animated Kiddie Version of "The Sopranos"



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