September Almanac

September 1 - Educator A. Bartlett Giamatti dies in 1989. This multi-talented Italian Renaissance scholar was president of Yale University and later America's Commissioner of Baseball.
- World heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano (Rocco Marchegiano) is born in 1923. He won all of his 49 professional fights, 43 by knockout.

September 2 - The sea battle at Actium (off the coast of Greece) in 31 B.C. was won by Octavian against Anthony and Cleopatra. Octavian later established the Roman Empire and received the title of Augustus.

September 3 - Probably the last Italian pope of the 20th century, John Paul I is installed in 1978. He died later that year.

September 4 - Mets catcher Mike Piazza is born in 1968. He was the first rookie to drive in 100 runs in a season.

September 8 - French general Joseph Gallieni mobilizes a last-ditch effort to defend Paris in 1914 against invading German troops. His unorthodox means of transport became known as the "taxicab army." His troops stopped the invaders at the Marne River.

September 9 - Luigi Galvani is born in 1737 in Bologna. This genius demonstrated how electrical impulses energized muscles. The word "galvanize" was derived from his work.

September 10 - French designer Elsa Schiaparelli is born in Rome in 1896. She introduced "shocking pink", accessories and padded shoulders to the world of fashion.

September 13 - Football quarterback Dan Marino is born in 1961.

September 14 - Dante Alighieri dies in 1321. Italy's greatest poet after Vergil established Italian as a standard language with the writing of The Divine Comedy.

September 16 - British peer, Sir Anthony Panizzi, is born in 1797. As director of the British Museum he established its library as a world-class research facility.

September 18 - Italian actor Rossano Brazzi is born in 1916. He is remembered for the 1950s movies South Pacific and Summertime in Venice.
- Singer/actor Frankie Avalon is born in 1940. He is famous for rock songs like Venus, and beach movies co-starring Annette Funicello.

September 20 - Sophia Loren is born in 1930 at Naples as Sofia Scicolone.
- In 1519, Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan sets sail for the first around-the-world trip with Italian crew member Antonio Pigafetta who will chronicle the voyage for posterity.

September 23 - Founder of the Roman Empire, Cæsar Augustus is born in 63 B.C.
- NY Yankee's famed shortstop Phil Rizzuto is born in 1918.

September 26 - Jurist Antonin Scalia joins the U.S. Supreme Court in 1986 as the first Italian-American to be appointed to that body.
- Engineer Gaetano Lanza is born in 1848. He develops the engineering school at M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

September 29 - Italy goes to war against Turkey in 1911 using airplanes for the first time in combat. Victorious Italy wins control of Libya the following year.

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