July Almanac

July 2 - Inventor Guglielmo Marconi receives a patent on his wireless telegraphy system, forerunner of radio, in 1897.

July 3 - Marie DeMedici dies in 1642. She intorduced the Italian arts to France which included cooking, ballet and opera.

July 4 - The Altar of Augustan Peace (Ara Pacis Augustae) was consecrated in 13 B.C. It commemorated the start of the Roman Peace (Pax Romana) and the completion of Italian unity.
- Freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi is born in Nizza (now Nice, France) in 1804. He helped to reunify Italy in 1860.

July 8 - Explorer Giovanni Verrazzano returns from the New World to France in 1524. His voyage was the beginning of France's claims to North America.

July 12 - Julius Cæsar is born in 100 B.C.

July 13 - Father of Chemistry Stanislao Cannizzaro is born in Sicily in 1826.

July 14 - Cardinal Giulio Mazarini (Jules Mazarin) is born in Pescina, Italy in 1602. He was the prime minister of France during the early reign of Louis XIV.

July 16 - In 1941, baseball's Joltin' Joe DiMaggio hits successfully for the 56th consecutive time, a still unbroken record.

July 17 - Italian expeditionary troops on the Western Front (France) successfully block the German attack at the 2nd Battle of the Marne in 1918.

July 18 - Manager of the Champion NY Yankees, Joe Torre, was born in 1941.

July 25 - Italian leader Benito Mussolini sends four army divisions to the Austrian border to block Hitler's attempt to annex that nation in 1934. The British, French and Americans do nothing. Germany backs down.

July 26 - Italy's luxury liner Andrea Doria sinks in 1956 with a loss of 52 lives. A later inquiry faults the crew of the Swedish freighter Stockholm for the collision.
- U.S. Attorney General Charles Bonaparte creates the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1912.

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