February Almanac

February 1 - Birthday of Princess Stephanie (nee Grimaldi) of Monaco born in 1969.

February 4 - The late English actress Ida Lupino is born in 1918.

February 6 - Rock'n'Roll vocalist Fabian Forte is born in 1943.
- Aldus Manutius dies in 1515. He published the first small "portable" books.

February 11 - The long-standing dispute with the papacy over Rome is resolved when Premier Benito Mussolini signs the Lateran Accords establishing Vatican City in 1929.

February 12 - Director Franco Zeffirelli (Romeo & Juliet, Tea with Mussolini, Jane Eyre) is born in 1923.

February 13 - English author Raphael Sabatini dies in 1950. Some of his works that become movies were: Captain Blood, Against All Flags, The Black Swan, Scaramouche.

February 17 - Educator Johann Pestolozzi dies in 1827. His methods of classroom demonstration and participation became the basis of modern education.

February 18 - Victor Iannidinardo is born in 1912. He established the first chain of co-ed health gyms in 1949 known as Vic Tanny Health Spas.
- Inventor of the first practical battery, Alessandro Volta, is born in 1745.

February 19 - Franklin D. Roosevelt, fearing Axis sabotage, issued Executive Order 9066 in 1942 which forces some 10,000 Italian Americans from their homes and jobs along the Pacific coast and places restrictions on 600,000 Italian citizens across the United States. Four elderly Italian Americans commit suicide rather than endure the shame.

February 20 - The last Italian Army peace keepers leave war-torn Beirut in 1984. Unlike the Americans, French, and British contingents the Italians were not attacked by the warring factors. They are credited with evenhandedness and humanitarian conduct.

February 24 - Juan Domingo Peron (nee Peroni) is elected president of Argentina in 1946.
- Pope Gregory XIII had the calendar of Julius Caesar revised in 1582. Protestant England refused to adopt it until they realized how accurate it was.

February 26 - Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (nee Buonaparte) escaped from exile on the Italian island of Elba in 1815.

February 27 - Tenor Enrico Caruso is born in Naples in 1873.

February 28 - Auto racer Mario Andretti is born in 1940.

February 29 - Opera composer Giacchino Rossini is born in 1792. His most famous overture was the Lone Ranger Theme (actually The William Tell Overture).

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