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The Italic Way - Articles Index

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Title Subject
Insights of an Italian Canadian A perspective of the Italian experience in Canada
The Italian Republic at 70 A history of Italy's first republic from 1946
The Missing Europeans Why there is a shortage of White European peoples
A Kingdom Lost Italy's south during reunification 1860-1870
The Other Side of Columbus Little known details of the Great Admiral's life and deeds
The Iconic Italian The negative symbols of Italian culture in America
Raising Hell, Part 2 Italic troublemakers in politics
World War II, Revisited Story of American spy Aldo Icardi. The peace treaty of 1947
An Unrelenting Message How the media has created an infrastructure of defamation
Issue XLII
Title Subject
Paul Moses Interview Author of An Unlikely Union: Irish and Italians
Raising Hell, Italic Troublemakers Mini bios of Italians who have shaken up religion
Our Man in Congress Evidence that Declaration signer Caesar Rodney had Italian roots
Columbus Treasure in PA? Reputed Columbus artifacts in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
Defending America's Führer Story of Paul Sabbatino's work to defend Bund leader in 1939
Fathers of Egyptology Bios of Ippolito Rosellini and Giovanni Belzoni
The Real Sherlock Holmes? How Italian English detective Jerome Caminada inspired Conan Doyle
Italy Invades A book review of How Italians Conquered the World
The Scientist and the Duchess Relationship of Galileo with Princess Christina of Lorraine
Italians & Irish Book review of An Unlikely Union
You Already Speak Latin A summary of Latin terms and roots contained in English
Rocco Marchegiano Bio of undefeated boxer Rocky Marciano
Issue XLI
Title Subject
Michael Parenti Interview A "Progressive Radical" reflects on our times and heritage.
Slipping Away Focus piece on how our "cultural intellect" is failing.
Italy Restored The underappreciated deeds of Roman Emperor Justinian
Oriana Fallaci The story of the outspoken Italian journalist
The First Weatherman How Italian scientist Torricelli invented weather forecasting.
The Italian Americans A roundtable critique of a PBS documentary series
GoodFellas An assessment of the 25th anniversary of Scorsese's film
Italophobia How prominent Ital-Ams have ignored our community
Our Greek Geniuses Short bios on Pythagoras and Archimedes
Jazz Italian Style Book review of Behop, Swing, and Bella Musica.
Honoring the Admiral Chef Mary Ann Esposito creates a dish to honor Columbus.
Issue XL
Title Subject
Is Italy a U.S. Launchpad? Forum piece on U.S.-Italy relations.
A.P. Giannini: An Extraordinary Life The story of the banking giant who created Bank of America.
The Noble Romans Focus on the DNA ties we still have with these ancestors.
Stopping Islam The story of the great sea battle of Lepanto in 1571.
Killing Mussolini How and why Italian Communists murdered Mussolini.
Reflections Some musings of Italian culture –facts and myths.
Ellis Island Remembered What it was like being processed to enter the United States.
St. Petersburg, Russia How Italian architects created this great city 350 years ago.
Title Subject
Why Everything Matters Forum piece on the need to accentuate all our strengths.
Helen Cirese, Attorney America's pioneering attorney from the 1920s.
Intermarriage In depth analysis of how intermarriage is changing us.
The Jaws of Defeat Detailed report on how Italian military history is distorted.
The Swerve Book review about how the world became modern.
Italy By the Book Comparison of two non-Italic sojourners in Italy.
Italy and the Holocaust Excerpt from the Institute's Italy and the Holocaust Report.
What's a Latino? Explaining how vocabulary evolves and diminishes heritage.
If Rome Didn't Exist A revealing look at how classical Italy molded us.
Title Subject
Nashville's Italic Stars A talk with country girl Kathy Mattea.
Forum piece on 1942 Internment Outline of efforts to obtain recognition and an apology.
Target Italy Five major misconceptions about Italy debunked.
The Godfather's 40th Anniversary Perspective on a film that spurred and confirmed prejudices.
The Girandoni Gun Girandoni's air rifle and its role in taming the West.
Giovanni Caboto, Entrepreneur Caboto's landing on the American land mass and its significance for the American colonies.
Italy and the Holocaust Italy's efforts before and during WWII to save Jews.
Interview with Carmen Finestra A talk with the Hollywood producer, creator and writer.
Title Subject
Are We Still a Good People? Forum piece about Holocaust revisionism
Malice Aforethought Book review of new Sacco & Vanzetti book
Leon Panetta Focus on the new Secretary of Defense
Reunification Celebrating Italy's reunification at 150th anniversary
Funny, They Don't Look Italian --Part II Celebrity backgrounds revealed
Question of Citizenship The Roman roots of citizenship
Taliaferro Family An American Saga of a colonial immigrant
Prof. Richard Gambino Exclusive interview of an It-Am thinker
Italo-Turkish War 100th anniversary of a little- known conflict
Unbroken Book review - a biography of U.S. veteran Louis Zamperini
Title Subject
Commerce Follows the Flag Forum piece about improving Italy’s image
Amore: A Songbook Book review of Italian American vocalists
Lost Generation Focus on the crisis in youth acculturation
Italy or Empire? How Britain created the Axis
Funny, They Don’t Look Italian Celebrity backgrounds revealed
Anti-Italianism Book review of defamation study
Joe Colombo The 1970s Civil Rights League that failed
Don Troiani Artist who recreates the American Civil War
For Lack of Fortune World War II propaganda image of Italians
Issue XXXV
Title Subject
Choosing Our Battles Forum piece on targeting our anti-defamation efforts wisely, without regard for self-aggrandizement.
Empires of Trust Book review on how America and ancient Rome are examples of a rare imperial form to be treasured.
Italians to the Rescue? Cover story on how Chrysler will be marketing FIAT autos in the U.S.
Hitler's First Defeat Mussolini's attempt to stand up to Hitler over Austrian annexation.
Madoff, Ponzi and Pecora How media treatment of schemer Madoff is more lenient than that of his Italian predecessors.
Constantine, the 13th Apostle Constantine the Great's many achievements in firmly establishing the Christian Church.
The Barzini Virus How Barzini's books and articles have presented distorted views of Italy and Italians.
Italy's First Unification The Roman conquest of the entire Italian peninsula..
Title Subject
Jews Honor a Righteous Italian Forum piece on Giovanni Palatucci
General Anthony Zinni Interview of the retired four-star general.
Are We There Yet? Have Italian Americans finally achieved political status?
The Great Fire: Ancient Terrorism? Was it the Christians who set fire to Rome while Nero fiddled?
Going It Alone and Succeeding Our greatest progress was made by heroic individuals, not Italian-American organizations.
What Grand Strategy? How much support do Italian-American organizations give to Italic causes?
Thomas Jefferson, Italophile A biography of the third President.
Mars, an Italian Obsession Italians' fascination with the red planet through the centuries.
Before the Great Wave The story of the Cuneos of Chicago, early immigrants.
Giuseppe Garibaldi A biography of the great trailblazer.
The Battle for Peace Review of General Anthony Zinni's new book.
Title Subject
What Federal Agents Call Intelligence Forum piece questioning FBI priorities
Passage To Liberty Book review
Ten Events that Shaped the World Focus on how Italy affected world history
Lady Power Part 3 and conclusion on Italic women thru the ages
Italian American Governors Four new U.S. governors
Bogie's Sahara Was the movie inspired by an Italian last stand?
Jesuits of the West How Italian priests educated American Indians
Two Italy's? How Italians over-dramatize their regional differences
Shark Tale - For the Record An examination of a landmark anti-defamation battle
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Title Subject
Why Rome Created Palestine Forum piece explaining the current Mid East Conflict
Ghost Soldiers Book review
A Breed of Our Own Focus on Italian dog breeds
Lady Power Part 2 of series on Italic women thru the ages
Forgotten Flyer The story of Italian aviator Col. Francesco De Pinedo
Capt. Corelli's War in Greece The real story of the Italo-Greek War of 1940-41
Out of Africa A personal story of an Italian born in Tunisia
Italian Surnames The top 30 surnames in Italy
Issue XXXI
Title Subject
The Trouble with Rudy Forum piece analyzing NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Pontius Pilate Book Review
Not Your Grandfather's Italy Focus piece, update on life and progress in Italy
Lady Power First of 3-parter on Italic women thru the ages
Naples in Revolt The 1647 revolt against Spain, a study of the Italian character
Roman Aqueducts Details of the water system of the Empire
Italian-American Cowboy Profile of a guy from the Bronx
Ferdinand Pecora Bio of the slayer of Wall Street in the 1930's
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Issue XXX
Title Subject
Why the Mafia Matters Forum piece representing the "other side"
HBO's Misplaced Priorities Review of HBO movie "Vendetta"
Deep Roots in America Focus piece, 500 years of Italians in the New World
Right vs. Right Political review of American and Italian Conservatism
Pierre de Brazza Biography of African explorer
Marcus Aurelius Biography of the Roman Emperor
Issue XXIX
Title Subject
Values for the Next Millenium The values that have sustained Italian Americans
Why Sinatra Matters/
Tony Bennett: The Good Life
Book reviews
Royalty in Exile The Story of Italy's House of Savoy, focus article
Roman Cuisine How our ancestors ate
Italian Submarines in the North Atlantic Little known history of World War II
Romolo Gessi African explorer and soldier
Bocce: The Rules The story of the game and timely information
Naples: Misunderstood Personal account of a recent visit to Napoli
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Title Subject
Cause for Pride Why America should be more Italian
Italian-American Radio Radio programs around the country
Imperial Italy The real Roman Empire
Giovanni Schiavo Father of Italian-American History
Forging a Nation Italy's civil war makes Italians one nation
The Italian Navy Composition and mission of Italy's naval force
Word Games Italian words used and misused in English
Italy's Global Role Italy's resurgence in international affairs
Title Subject
Italian-American Agenda A national political agenda drafted by the Institute
Hollywood vs. Italians A statistical analysis of positive and negative movies
Will We Survive? (focus piece) Forecast concerning Italic cultural survival
Robert Mondavi Short bio on the premier California vintner
Battle of the Piave The indominable Italian spirit of WW I
Italian-Americans in Jazz, Pt 2 Conclusion of the story of a forgotten contribution
Fine Italic Hand The story of Italian calligraphy
The Flying Wing, Part 2 Conclusion of the story of aviation designer Vincent Burnelli
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Issue XXVI
Title Subject
Captain Camillo Ricciardi The man who captured Winston Churchill in the Boer War
The Barbella Trials Book review of the first criminal trials of an Italian woman
Italians and the Land A survey of Italic contributions to agriculture, focus piece
Hail Padania? Italy's separatist Umberto Bossi attempts to stir Italy up
Abyssinian War An interesting angle to Britain's opposition to Italy
Roman Ireland The suppressed evidence of Rome's colony in Ireland
Italian-Americans in Jazz, Pt 1 Story if a forgotten contribution, feature piece
The Italian Republic at Fifty Recounting the birth of the Italian Republic
La Repubblica Italiana (in Italian) Recounting the birth of the Italian Republic
Ave Padania? (in Italian) Separatist Umberto Bossi attempts to stir Italy up
Issue XXV
Title Subject
Pavarotti, My World Book review
The Roman Church An earthly history of Catholicism, focus piece
L'Americanizzazione d'Italia (in Italian) The Americanization of Italy, feature article
Masada The Italic view of the ancient Jewish War, feature article
City Hall Movie review
The Americanization of Italy Feature article by our Italian correspondent
back to top
Issue XXIV
Title Subject
Job Discrimination Award Landmark court ruling citing blatant corporate anti-Italic bias
Italic Way opinion poll A revealing survey of the pulse of Italian-America (Forum)
Crossing Ocean Parkway Book review
Auto Ingenuity A history of Italian auto design and production
La Mappa Genetica (in Italian) Italian researchers plot the gene pool, focus piece
Inchiesta (in Italian) A revealing survey of the pulse of Italian-America
When Spain Occupied Italy Tracing the damaging results to southern Italy, feature piece
Pasta, Power & Politics Book review of Senator D'Amato's autobiography
The Nittany King Time Magazine reprint of Penn State's Joe Paterno
Title Subject
Crime "Families" The official FBI view of Italic criminals, forum
The Amazing Tonelli Family Book review of some personal geneaology
Mapping the World's Genes Italian researchers plot the gene pool, focus piece
L'Arte dell'Arrendersi (in Italian) Exposing WW II propaganda about surrender
Ricordi della SGM (in Italian) British responsibility for WW II
The Art of Surrender Exposing WW II propaganda about surrender, feature article
Who Lost Italy? British responsibility for WW II
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Bullets over Broadway Movie review
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Issue XXII
Title Subject
Quantifying Injustice Forum piece evaluating WW II persecution of Ital-Americans
Angie Movie review
Enemies of the State The U.S. persecution of Ital-Americans in World War II, focus
Harry Warren Biography of the great Ital-American composer, feature
Roseto: A Medical Marvel (same as IV-C)
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Henry Mancini Biography of the great composer, feature piece
Issue XXI
Title Subject
1943 Liberation or Revolution Was Italy liberated or invaded in 1943?
Italy's Sports Triumphs A history and overview of the Italic sports tradition (focus)
Italy Today An Italic Way staffer's observations of his trip to Italy
Fiat 500 Topolino Italy's immortal automobile
War in Italy 1943-45 (R. Lamb) Book review
back to top
Issue XX
Title Subject
An Army of Schindlers Reprint from NY Times about Italy's saving of the Jews
A Bronx's Tale Movie review
Strangers Among Us Origins of the Mafia, focus piece
The Roman Legions How Imperial Italy won its empire, feature piece
Dino Book review of Dean Martin's biography
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
William Paca Biography of a signer of the Declaration of Independence
Issue XIX
Title Subject
Il Duce's Other Woman Mussolini's Jewish mistress, book review
Italian Aviation Italy's history of flight, focus piece
1933 Air Armada Italo Balbo's historic flight to America, feature article
Equestrian Revolution The story of the father of modern riding, feature article
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Safe Design that Went Nowhere (same article as IV-D)
back to top
Title Subject
Problems with History Forum point/counterpoint on Rome's place in Ital-Am psyche
Lorenzo's Oil Movie review
Mac Movie review
Entertaining America Hollywood's television producers, focus piece
The Corporate State Fascist Italy's pioneering economic theory in action, feature
Was St. Patrick Italian? The ethnic background of the patron saint of Ireland
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Gen. Frank Libutti Profile of the U.S. Marine
Issue XVII
Title Subject
Civil Wrongs Forum piece on Italian defamation
La Storia (Monreale & Mangione) Book review
Sicily: Italic from the Start How Sicily was Italianized, focus piece
Dawn of the Atomic Age The story of Enrico Fermi's work
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Romanizing Harvard ISI Founder establishes a Chair in Roman Studies
back to top
Issue XVI
Title Subject
Gay Talese Forum Interview
Unto the Sons (Gay Talese) Book review
Partly an Italian Enterprise Italian leadership in the exploration of the New World
DiMaggio and Me Reflections on the baseball great
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Major Don Gentile Story of the WW II air ace
Issue XV
Title Subject
Francesco Cossiga Forum piece on the President of Italy
Once Around Movie review
Giandomenico Picco Profile of Italian diplomat who negotiated hostage release
Forbidden Italy Italian sex thru the ages, focus piece
Taranto: Prelude to Pearl Harbor WW II British attack on Italian naval base, feature article
The Art of Love Roman traditions of love
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Camille Paglia Profile
back to top
Issue XIV
Title Subject
Jungle Fever (Spike Lee) Movie review
Before the Beatles Italian-American rock 'n' roll, focus piece
Soldier of the Great War Novel of the First World War, book review
Latin: Not for Lovers Only The status of Latin in America today, feature
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Mayor Fasi of Honolulu Profile piece
Issue XIII
Title Subject
A Chat with Galileo Forum, imaginary conversation with Galileo
Cinema Paradiso Movie review
England Stings Focus piece, British attitudes toward Italians
With this Ring Our Roman marriage customs, feature article
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Guglielmo Marconi Biography
back to top
Issue XII
Title Subject
Gen. Carl Vuono Forum, U.S. Army Chief of Staff
The Proud Italians Book review
Bloody Geniuses Britons of Italian descent, focus piece
A Day in the Life of Italy Book review
The Day they Lynched Italians Story of 1891 New Orleans massacre, feature
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Giosue' Carducci Nobel Prize Poet, biography
Ben Bova Science Fiction writer, biography
Issue XI
Title Subject
Frank Capra They Ain't Forum, Restauranteur who refused to seat Di Niro et. at.
Augustus (Novel, J. Williams) Book review
Advertising Italian Style Italian-American ad agencies, focus piece
Johann Pestalozzi Italo-Swiss educator who shaped our modern system, feature
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
A Simple Deed... The story of Giorgio Perlasco
back to top
Issue X
Title Subject
With Better Nicknames... Forum article about non-Italic criminals
That Fine Italian Hand Book review
Italians and the Bible Focus piece, Italians mentioned in the Bible
Shakespeare and Italy How the Bard was inspired by Italy, feature
Betsy's Wedding (A. Alda) Movie review
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
First Italian Military Voctory Russia 1812, reprint from Atlantica Magazine (1931)
Issue IX
Title Subject
Intrepid Museum, NYC Military museum review
Mussolini (Continued) Part II, feature
Ristorante Lattanzi Review of a Jewish-Italian restaurant, NYC
Media Madness Defamations with commentary
Lorenzo da Ponte Mozart's librettist, feature biography
back to top
Issue VIII
Title Subject
Antonio Meucci Inventor of the Telephone, book review
Mussolini, A New Assessment Part I, focus piece
Requiem for Mario Lanza Newsday reprint
Media Madness Defamations with commentary, feature
Issue VII
Title Subject
Do the Right Thing (Spike Lee) Movie review
Italian & Black, Roots of Conflict History of relations, focus piece
Ferrero's Negro Army A Civil War general, feature
Giamatti as I Knew Him A. Bartlett Giamatti by S. Golino, feature
Media Madness Defamations with commentary, feature
Road to Asmara Restaurant (Afro-Italian) review
back to top
Issue VI
Title Subject
North vs South The myths and problems of Italy's cultural divide
Armada The Spanish Armada was partly Italian
Charles Gabriele, Composer Profile of an ISI member, bandleader & composer
Issue V
Title Subject
Selected Quotes of Gore Vidal Forum article
The Roman Emperors (M. Grant) Book review
Raphael Sabatini, King of Swashbucklers Adventure writer, focus piece
Of Crime & Punishment Cesare Beccaria, feature
Oh, Evil Day! Roman Evil Days, feature
back to top
Issue IV
Title Subject
Growing Up Italian (L. Cateura) Book review
Theater of the Fantastic Cartoon characters, focus piece
Roseto: A Medical Marvel Heritage and your health, feature
A Safe Design that Went Nowhere (Part 1) Aviation designer Vincent Burnelli, feature
Issue III
Title Subject
Images: Pictorial History of Italian-Americans Book review
The Italian-Americans (P. di Franco) Book review
Italy at Work Italy 1980's, focus piece
To Make a Difference Dr. Viscardi, Newsday article
back to top
Issue II
Title Subject
Frogmen, First Battles WW II, book review
Democracy, Italian Style Post War, book review
Image: What's behind it? Stereotypes, focus piece
Remembering Atlantica 1930's magazine, feature
Vittorio Veneto; Agony of Victory WW I Italian victory, feature
Issue I
Title Subject
Rate Your Sensitivity A politically incorrect article reworked into 6 ethnic versions
A Hidden Giant The Italian language in Australia
Italians & the Holocaust (Zuccotti) Book review
John LaCorte Interview with the man who fought for Italic recognition
Atlantica Magazine Forerunner of The Italic Way from the 1930's

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